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E-Commerce and Online Shops

Building an e-commerce shop has never been easier however there are many settings to be aware of and unless these are handled correctly, your store will be ineffective.

With the right dedicated platform, you can sell your own products or a drop-ship products, whether digital or physical. Selling your own products will most likely mean you handle and store goods and process the product shipping to your customers. Drop-shipping means you act as the intermediary because you do all the site setup and advertising, your customers pay you, you buy the goods from a supplier request the supplier to send the goods to your customer.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

All platforms have:

  • Free trial periods
  • Monthly fees
  • Professional themes
  • Secure hosting with your own domain
  • Mobile and tablet ready
  • Social media integration and online selling
  • Blogging facilities
  • Payment gateways and accounting software integration
  • Gift cards, discount codes and coupons
  • Sales analytics

  • Shopify






















Our recommendation ...

This list is not exhaustive and there are other products available. The prices and features are quite similar and they all do a great job but we still have our preferences. In the end, we think the final decision should be based on, "Who will give the best support?" Of course, we will. Contact us now, and let us start the grunt work for you!

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