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How Do We Deliver Websites?

From First Contact to Launch and Beyond

  • Interview

    We meet with you face to face, or via phone if necessary, to discuss your wish-list for a website. We have a comprehensive check-list to really make you think about the look, feel, functionality, what you need to achieve and who your target market is.

  • Recommendations

    Following the meeting we work through all your answers to construct a proposal which answers all points from the interview. We use Adobe Business Catalyst for most of our sites because if it's scalability and versatility so it is easy for us to make appropriate suggestions

  • Quotation

    If you like, we can provide two quotes: one including everything on your list and a second to construct a bare essentials. We do this because it gives clients a clear picture of what they will get for their money and an understanding we have really thought about their situation carefully.

  • Build to Beta Version

    After our proposal is accepted, we require a 50% deposit so we can start building the site. We provide a temporary URL so clients can track progress and we also provide a system for feedback so clients can advise us of issues during the early stages.

  • Refinement

    As work nears completion the client has the opportunity to test and use the website until all stakeholders are ready to signoff.

  • Launch

    To launch the new site we require the remaining 50% balance of payment along with any outstounding domain and hosting fees. Once all account are settled we 'flick the switch' as it were and your new site is now live to the world.

  • Support

    Our work doesn't end there. If you want, we train you how to make minor adjustments yourself with, for example, text updates which are common and routine. We also fix any minor, unforseen issues for free.

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