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Help Desk Services and Outsourcing

Have you ever considered how much employee time and productivity could be gained if your IT department and even knowledgeable staff did not have to answer frequent questions from other staff members such as "What's the best way to ...?" or "How do I do ...?"  

By the time you consider your hourly staff rates and add the time taken to answer questions, the costs mount up very quickly. Furthermore, you often really don't know where their time has gone. 

What are you key staff paid to do: support other staff? If your answer is, "No!" Contact the experts today to discuss outsourcing your Help Desk to us.

  • Single Instance

    Yes, you can call us with a one-off random question and get your issue solved.

  • Package Deal

    For frequent callers or small offices, we suggest a 10 call package deal, valid for 12 months.

  • Flat monthly rate - unlimited calls

    Larger businesses with 20 or more staff should consider our flat monthly rate option. Your staff can make unlimited calls. 

  • Periodic Reporting

    For the package deal and flat monthly rate options, we will provide a periodic summary of the problem and recommended solutions.

  • Conditions

    All calls are measured in blocks of 10 minutes and must be paid in advance. For problems which cannot be resolved within 10 minutes, we will suggest appropriate options such as training, detailed analysis, programming or a site consultation.

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