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Personal and SMB Mentoring and Coaching

A pair of independent ears is essential. However, sometimes longer discussions and planned sessions are needed to really sort through the myriad of issues and concerns. 

We will talk with you where you're at. We will never talk down or boss you around but we will guide you, encourage you and give you specific advice where we think it's needed.

Please note, we are not trained or qualified counsellors or practitioners. We are simply people who have been in the workforce and business for many years, and we want to invest in others where we can.

We meet in a public place such as a cafe, or by phone or Skype, at a mutually agreeable time. There are no contracts and you can stop at any time if you feel no progress is being made.

  • Personal

    We will talk through the areas you want to discuss but we also recommend reviewing matters which can be often overlooked. These could include:

    1.         ·  Short and long term goals
    2.                                 ·  Time management
    3.                                 ·  Budgeting and finances
    4.                                 ·  Relationships - family and friends
    5.                                 ·  Work
    6.                                 ·  Leisure time 
  • Small to Medium Business

    Areas for discussion are in fact very similar to those reviewed in personal mentoring and coaching but we also cover:

    1.         ·  Sales and Marketing
    2.         ·  Customer Relationships
    3.                                 ·  Succession Planning
    4.                                 ·  Employees and Colleagues
    5.                                 ·  Paperwork and Administration
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